We are convinced you’re going to like what you see from the minute you walk in our door but don’t take our word for it!

  • Compassionate, talented staff "Dr. Minadeo-Fox and her team have been caring for my family for nearly 20 years. I cannot put into words how wonderful she and her staff have helped our family in such a holistic manner. She and her team truly care about each individual they care for and since she has known me so long, Dr. Fox remembers and ask about each member of our family. We just LOVE her and all she does! Fun fact: she is the best novacaine injector I have ever had!! Her recent philosophy in providing overall health benefits, not just dental care has been a wonderful experience. They check overall health (blood pressure, medications, etc), and if you have anxiety about going to the dentist, she provides a chair massage before you are taken back! She now has an aesthetics practice as well and her skill with injections, and perfection shine through! " ~ Denise D 06/29/16
  • Professional and Friendly service ""Dr. Fox's staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their business. The Doctor makes you feel very comfortable, she's skilled and sensitive to your body language. She goes out of her way to make sure everything is perfect with the dental care used." ~ Barbara B. 3/22/16
  • Who would have thought you'd enjoy the dentist? "I've been seeing Dr. Fox for about 20 years, since I was a little baby :) and I can't say I've ever dreaded having to go to the dentist, like I hear most people say. I remember being a toddler and getting to choose not one but TWO toys from the big box in the back, being slightly upset when the fish mobiles were taken down a few years later, and quickly forgetting about them when chair massage/essential oils made their debut in the office. Her staff members keep you comfy and educated in the chair, the front desk ladies work wonders with you on payments and scheduling, and I have never, ever left dissatisfied. I've seen her office grow and endure so many positive changes, and I am beyond ecstatic for her teams' success and what's to come! This office is more than just dental, it's total wellness and feels like home!
  • Dual dental visit for my son and I "The service is always very professional from each staff member in the entire office. The team explains every detail of your care showing pictures as they go. I love this dentist... Oh and while you wait you are offered a back massage, totally complimentary. Makes the fear of dentist a thing of the past.The best dentist in town... Thank you team!!" ~ Annette P. 3/1/16
  • "Jamie, did my cleaning and she was very sweet and professional. She did a thorough job and I was extremely satisfied with the service. The whole staff is welcoming and friendly. I feel very confident in Dr. Minadeo-Fox's hands that I am receiving the highest quality of care. Highly recommend." ~ Jannine C. 2/24/16
  • Service and professionalism of the highest quality -- 5 stars! "Extremely thorough yet gentle exam and cleaning, which is saying a lot from someone who has very sensitive teeth and gums! Outstanding visit with consideration for the care of the total patient." ~ Elizabeth C. 2/16/16
  • Great dentist for adults and kids! "excellent dental care. wonderful staff and dentist. Dr Minadeo-Fox went out of her way to help me with a dental/mouth problem (burning mouth syndrome) which my previous dentist had never heard of. I thought I knew just about everything about dental care but I have actually learned things and have been motivated to even take better care of my teeth since seeing Dr. Fox. Again, great practice. Oh, and don't get me started about the massage and hand wax. Massage therapist excellent and very nice also." ~ Ileen D 2/10/16
  • Great dental office "Our whole family goes to Dr. Minadeo-Fox, they are wonderful with young children as well as adults! I am very happy with their services and love all of the staff, everyone is super nice!" ~ R.C. 1/26/16
  • "My top three goals upon starting the 6 month health coaching program were to eat healthier, reduce my sugar intake and to get more exercise. Ann was able to help me by providing me with many handouts, meeting me at a store to shop wisely, and providing easy recipes to encourage me to cook. I have since become a label reader and can make wiser food choices, even when going out for dinner. Ann is very knowledgeable, kind, helpful, very supportive and she always has a smile on her face and is upbeat. I always enjoyed my sessions with Ann. If I had gotten down on myself, she reminded me of the good I had done and to not be so hard on myself. I would recommend Ann to anyone who needs guidance with food and/or healthier living." ~ Denise D. 10/21/15
  • Friendly, high quality dental care "What can be said in words is not sufficient to describe the experience you have going to the office of Dr. Minadeo-Fox. You feel a warm welcome from Dana and Margaret; Kristine continues that feeling; and, of course Dr..Minadeo-Fox just reemphasizes the welcome. It starts from the top and continues to the entire staff. Professional, sincere, happy and compassionate pervade the office. They are the best!!!! . " ~ Nick G. 10/14/15
  • First Crown "On time; great explanations; anticipated my needs; professional (Doc and Kristin! ) I love the perfectionist approach they have !" ~ Lynn D. 8/25/15
  • "My 13 yr old son had his 6 month wellness exam, he really enjoys this dentist. When it's time to leave he never wants to! He has good rapport with his dentist I'm very thankful! After the appt they meet with me and inform me of their findings. Very family oriented environment!" ~ Potokar A. 8/21/15
  • Long Time Customer "I have been going to Dr Minadeo Fox for 18 years now and my teeth have been incredibly taken care of. I'm not going to lie, I am one to slack on my dental health but my teeth still look amazing (they're super white) and I've never had a cavity and I know it's only because Dr Fox saves them. All of the staff know you personally and are very friendly and very well trained. It's been great watching her practice grow over the years and become very successful! I get nervous about the dentist sometimes and I love the fact that they have a free massage for every visit! The staff have been very kind and understand about being able to make payments. I have the best taken care of teeth of everyone I know. I love that she uses sealant and essentially coat your teeth and block sugar build up and that's what has kept me from getting any cavities. My whole family goes to her and they remember every member of the family, even my siblings who moved away years ago. Everything about the experience is wonderful and the office is beautiful! There is no other service of any kind that I would recommend more than her!" ~ Jessica C. 7/15/15
  • Great Work, Friendly Staff  "Dr. Minadeo-Fox and her staff are incredibly thorough throughout the entire process. Most importantly, they are incredibly friendly and truly advocate for the best for their patients. My wife and her family have gone to her for years. After two visits, I too would strongly recommend her." ~ Drew K. 5/27/15
  • "My top three goals upon starting the health coaching program were to gain an understanding of foods and its content, to lose weight and to have more energy. Ann was able to help me by explaining what to eat what not to eat, and to make healthier choices and exercise. After losing weight (over 15lbs) my target, I have noticed, I have more energy and I feel a lot better about myself. Ann is hard working and awesome and I have already recommended her to my family and friends for health coaching. If you want a happier, healthier life, I strongly suggest you contact Ann. I am so thankful I met with Ann!" ~ Rick S. 03/26/15
  • "On time. Friendly. Reasonable prices. Nikki and Dr. Minadeo-Fox are always professional and explain things well." ~ David E. 02/11/15
  • "Everyone was extremely professional and friendly and always put the patients at ease." ~anonymous 12/10/14
  • "My total experience was excellent. The staff were all friendly and had the time to listen and answer all my questions. This is my first time to get the best picture of what's happening inside my mouth. The atmosphere was relaxed which helped me ask all my questions spontaneously . The complimentary massage I got was very calming. I was treated like a whole person not just a mouth." ~ anonymous 12/6/14
  • "Dr. Fox offers the most superior dental care I have ever received. Being an athlete myself, I appreciate her holistic approach to dentistry and total wellness. Her staff always goes above and beyond to ensure a pleasant experience each dental visit. The front desk is always accommodating for the dates and times I need to make appointments. I always feel at ease and that my dental care are in the right hands with Dr. Fox and her staff. I would highly recommend her exceptional dentistry to anyone seeking the very best in dental care and hygiene!" ~ anonymous 11/28/14
  • “Thank you for a very nice experience! The foot massage was a nice touch :)” ~ Kathy M. 09/09/14
  • “Dr. Minadeo-Fox D.D.S. is extremely professional, skilled and courteous. Her office is pristine. I refer everyone I know to her practice. Her staff is just as wonderful as she!” ~ Gabrielle M. 09/05/14
  • “It was a very postive experience. Everyone is courteous, friendly and very helpful.” ~ Diane B. 06/27/14
  • “I was a little apprehensive when I walked into the office as it had been several years since I have been to the dentist. As soon as I walked in, the receptionists stood and introduces themselves to me! I was then given a tour of the office, which I really appreciated. The exam was the most thourough exam I have ever had in my life! I liked being able to see the photographs of my teeth, and the explanation of what was going on with each one. While I may not have particularily liked being told that I need to have some fillings, I really appreciate the manner in which the information was given. I was extreemely inmpressed by all the services the office offers including massage and a health coach. Thank you very much for the excellent experience!” ~ Becky R. 05/08/14
  • “Our visit was a complete success for Makayla! I am so thrilled that we finally found a dentist and wonderful dental assistants that help us achieve good dental care for our autistic daughter who needs patient people who take the time to explain what is happening, she's very anxious and everyone there was very understanding and professional. We have had many bad experiences in the past from other offices, you all did a wonderful job and are beyond words to say thank you so much and can't wait to come back for our next visit! I am also so grateful that Nikki sent Makayla a letter saying she did a wonderful job at her last visit. Many people don't know that an autistic child takes a lot of encouragement to some things as simple as a dentist appointment, weeks of preparation to ease anxieties. Again I am so grateful for the experience we had at her appointment. My son Justin also loves coming there too. Thanks so much,” ~ Kim M. 03/13/14
  • “I love coming in to see Dr. Fox.  How many people get hugs from their dentist and leave their dentist feeling better than when they came in because they receive a chair massage?  Dr. Fox and her incredible staff are doing it right, that's for sure". ~ Sally P.   03/06/2014
  • “I am always so pleased when I come to Dr. Fox’s office. Everyone is always so warm and patient and make you so welcome. Their boss is Dr. Fox so it has to trickle down. I would recommend that office to anyone." ~ Yvonne B. 03/12/2014
  • “I’m in the beauty industry and my smile is a very important part of my job. I am very conscious of my smile as well as my family’s dental health. I have had dental issues since my teens and after seeing Dr. Minadeo-Fox, I now get compliments on my teeth all the time. They have never been healthier, whiter, or looked better than they do right now. I have found Dr. Minadeo-Fox to be an honest, highly-skilled professional dentist who is enthusiastic and takes pride in her work. She always takes her time and goes above and beyond with my children to make their dental experiences pleasant and fun. Dr. Minadeo-Fox and her team is very thorough, patient, and sincerely want you to love your smile (and I do!). It is rare to find such a high level of service, technology, and patient care. I recommend her and her staff to everyone and feel her services were one of the best investments I ever made.” ~ Marianna, Highland Heights
  • Dr. Minadeo-Fox, “You are different. You listen to me, and only recommended what I really needed. And boy did I need to replace an earlier ill fit, ugly bridge for my front teeth. For the first time in a long time I am proud to smile.” ~Rob, Willoughby Hills
  • “I’ll confess that going to the dentist is not my idea of a good time, but I’ve always enjoyed coming to your office. It must have something to do with the good people I find there. It’s refreshing these days to find people who are professional, dedicated, and as genuinely friendly as you and your staff. You do good work, all of you, and I wanted to say thank you for it.” ~Matt, South Euclid
  • “Dr. Minadeo-Fox is truly an outstanding dentist, the best I have ever had in my entire life. On my first visit, I was surprised by the thoroughness and detail of the examination and cleaning I received, along with the pleasant, relaxing office atmosphere. The dental work she has performed for me has always been first-rate and painless, and I feel very confident about the quality of care she provides. In addition, her office staff has always been wonderful to work with, and is extremely helpful when dealing with insurance and other related matters.
  • “My daughter is also a patient of Dr. Minadeo-Fox and has been since she was very young. I really believe her positive view of dentistry is due to Dr. Fox’s great personality and outstanding care. She enjoys seeing Dr. Fox and has never dreaded or disliked dental appointments.” ~September, Chagrin Falls
  • “My teeth have never looked better.” ~Anmarie, Willoughby Hills
  • Dr. Minadeo-Fox, “You and I went through a full dental restoration together. You are very professional and exact. You have an ‘eye’ for detail and strive for perfection. Your energy and tenacious spirit are enviable. Your dental office is state-of-the-art and you take classes to make certain that your patients are exposed to the latest technology and dental techniques. I have trust in your ability and judgment.” ~Deborah, Highland Heights
  • “Dr. Minadeo-Fox’s practice philosophy is that of proactive dentistry. I would not have any hesitation in recommending her practice to anyone.” ~Irene, W. Greenwich, RI

  • "I have to admit that when we moved from Germany to Cleveland the idea of seeing a dentist here made me nervous since this time we needed to take my 3 year old child. We are a family that, due to my husband's job, moves every 2-3 years. Throughout the years we have visited many different dentists regularly. Through a quick Google search I found Dr. Claudia Minadeo-Fox. From the moment I called to make the initial appointment until our last visit, the service was outstanding. The front desk was extremely friendly and attentive to our needs. The hygienist Nikki took time to build a relationship with my child to make him feel comfortable during his routine cleaning appointments. During one of my child's visits, Dr Claudia Minadeo-Fox offered me a massage from her in office massage therapist while my child was getting his teeth cleaned! Imagine the excitement of mom! As we are always busy with little time for ourselves, our dental visit transformed into a little spa like experience! This office is not your average dental office. It is a place with people who are commited to make the difference in dentistry. The exceptional care that you will recive here, you probably will not get anywhere else. We were treated so nice in this office. The personal care and attention to detail from the doctor and the staff really sets them apart from the rest. The only reason I would love to stay in Cleveland is to continue to visit the office of Dr. Claudia Minadeo-Fox. We wish them well and hope you decide to vist her office. You will not be disappointed! Thank you for making our dental experience the best we ever had!" ~by Jacquelina on 03/28/2013

  • "still one of the most comprehensive, educational, professional and comfortable settings I have ever experienced!" ~by Lynn on 03/04/2013

  • "I had a wonderful massage this time. On my previous visits the Doc was simply awesome." ~by Anonymous on 02/22/2013

  • "When I walked into the office this morning, there was a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. My son and I were greeted immediately and were given our paperwork, which was easy to understand. My son really enjoyed his visit, which was a relief for me. Afterwards, the appointment details were explained to me and I felt well-informed. Thanks for such a positive experience during a hectic work week!" ~by Anonymous on 02/21/2013

  • "Noticeable state of the art technology in diagnosing oral health. Also, excellent understanding and communication of oral health by hygienist. Soothing environment - excellent dental office!" ~by Denise on 02/01/2013

  • "We have been seeing Dr. Fox for about 13 years, we love her dedication and her staff! The Kuhns" ~by Aidan and Kieran on 01/29/2013

  • "LOVED the complimentary paraffin hand treatment!" ~by Anonymous on 12/28/2012

  • "My dental visit was more like a spa visit! Prior to dental treatment, I received a hand and arm massage, a warm neck wrap, aromatherapy and the TV remote! The new office is so beautiful. Complimentary water, variety of coffees and teas and mini muffins. The atmosphere is so relaxing and everyone is so kind and accommodating. I would strongly recommend Dr. Minadeo - Fox's dental practice to anyone!" ~by Janice on 12/20/2012

  • "They were really patient when I was a few minutes late." ~by Anonymous on 12/11/2012

  • "Wonderful dental appointment. Dr. Fox knows her profession and her staff compliments her. Best ever staff patient treatment." ~by John on 11/28/2012

  • "I was totally satisfied with my first and second visit to the office. I have already referred a few friends and even my husband now goes for his dental work. Every staff member i came into contact with was courteous, understanding, friendly and made me feel like one of the good family members.. Nikki and Dr were beyond exceptional.. I met Nicole during my second visit and was still impressed.. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work ladies.. Nicole" ~ by Nicole (Nikki) on 11/09/12

  • "I LOVE the new office. I appreciate the time and attention I was given for my specific dental needs. Nicki is always great and I loved meeting Janet--and my chair massage was amazing. I will DEFINITELY be scheduling! Thank you Dr. Fox!""I LOVE the new office. I appreciate the time and attention I was given for my specific dental needs. Nicki is always great and I loved meeting Janet--and my chair massage was amazing. I will DEFINITELY be scheduling! Thank you Dr. Fox!" ~by Deanne on 11/08/2012

  • "Your office is the best, thank you for taking such great care of my family!" ~by R. Brownlee on 11/07/2012

  • "I have always found everyone in your office very nice and always very helpful. I am glad to have you as my dentist." ~by Karin on 10/28/2012

  • "As always, the care taken to assure i get the best treatment is above and beyond that of any other dentist's office i've ever experienced. Thank u all, sandy, nikki & our loving dentist, claudia...probably see u later" ~by mardi on 10/18/2012

  • "I appreciate the knowledge and professional advice that I receive from the doctor and staff. I always learn something new that keeps me up to date with my dental care. Did I mention that everyone is friendly and kind? You are the BEST!!" ~by Anonymous on 04/25/2012

  • "Dr. Minadeo-fox and staff are the best!" ~by Mike R. on 03/20/2012

  • "Claudia has an awesome ability of caring about her patients. She has truely put her heart into creating an awesome environment. It is obvious that this practice means the world to her." ~by Rob Peterlin on 01/26/2012

  • "Dr. Minadeo-Fox and staff are extremely warm and friendly-I always feel well-taken care of and leave with all my dental questions answered and my dental problems solved. Definitely recommend!" ~by Becky on 01/24/12