Our Pediatric Dental Services stress that caring for teeth early on, ensures a smile that will be there for a lifetime. We emphasize this with education that covers the how-to’s in the physical care of your child’s teeth along with the promotion of a healthy diet. Our most common services include:

Professional Cleaning and Fluoride: A gentle approach to cleaning your child’s pearly whites and maintaining them cavity free for a lifetime is our goal. After the gentle removal of any plaque, our caring hygienist will then apply fluoride which will incorporate into developing teeth to make them more resistant to tooth decay. A full mouth assessment for oral health of soft tissues, bite alignment and individual teeth will be performed.

Pit and Fissure Sealants: The teeth in any person’s mouth are not flat on their surface. They have tiny grooves called pits and fissures. Some of these are so small that a tooth brush bristle cannot penetrate them. A way of preventing cavities within these pits and fissures is to seal them with a protective varnish sealant. Call us today for further details on this procedure that can keep cavities away from your child’s mouth.

Sports Mouth Guards: Is your child in a contact sport? A sports mouth guard is standard issue and is proven to preserve teeth outside the pitch, field or rink. Before your child goes out those locker room doors for their first practice, come and visit us today and let us fit one for you.

Education & Prevention: Includes the proper brushing methods and tips for the prevention of bad breath and tooth decay. In order for every child to be successful in keeping their oral health in check, proper education is in order. We gladly provide any child or parent with the proper tools and  information that will preserve their childs teeth so they will last a lifetime.

No Cavity Club and Toy Chest: “No cavities,” means that your child is actively participating in promoting their general health. This is an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated and rewarded. The “No Cavity Club” is our little way of recognizing this along with a trip to the toy chest.  

Creating Happy Healthy Smiles: A healthy smile is a happy smile and a happy child. We enjoy helping children become part of a new “Cavity Free Generation”