Smoking Cessation
In addition to the well-known harmful effects of smoking on the respiratory and cardiovascular system, tobacco use is associated with and increased risk for oral disease, including cancer and gum disease.

Other effects of tobacco use include
Early tooth loss, impaired  healing of  the oral cavity, ulcerations of the soft tissues of the mouth, gum recession, increases the risk of tooth decay, causes bad breath and causes stains on the teeth that cannot be removed.

We will partner with you to develop a quit plan, whether you smoke, dip or chew. Quitting tobacco is one of the single and most important things you can do for your health!

Our plan consists of:

  • Interview- assessing the patients tobacco use status and motivation to quit
  • Educating skills-relating tobacco use to medical and dental conditions and the positive outcome of treatment results
  • Motivating skills-establishing trust and rapport with our patients which is essential to help change behavior
  • Counseling-listening, encouraging and supporting skills