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Say Ahh to Massage!

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From the moment you enter, the aromatherapy of fresh lavender fills the senses, calming music entices the ears, and the welcoming, nurturing enviornment transforms the dreaded dental experience to one of calming pleasure as I am offered massage. Am I at the dental office? Yes, Oh Yes! Today, like no other, our lives consist of running from one destination to the next whether it is picking up the kids on time, running to the soccer game from work or being stuck in traffic for an hour, our life can be full of anxiety....the American way. This lifestyle, leads to body aches, headaches, tooth grinding and general tensesness that leads to poor overall health.

We offer massage at Health Inspired Dentistry because patients experience comfort and relaxation before their dental treatment as well as an overall benefit for full body health. Massage provides a sense of well being, reduces heart rate, strengthens the immune system, reduces fatigue, increases energy, and can even be effective in weight loss! Our focus is to make patients comfortable and provide quality dentistry. The relaxed dental patient is the best dental patient. Massage therapy is really a fun way to practice dentistry; not only are we improving our patients lifestyles, but our patients are coming more often and improving their oral health too!

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Essential Oils

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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Takes the Fear and Anxiety out of Dental Visits 

                Fear of the dentist is one of the top 3 reasons for dental neglect. No need to worry anymore! Experiencing the therapeutic effectiveness of essential oils will turn your dental visit into a relaxation session that will keep you coming back. Scientific research validates the value of essential oils in decreasing anxiety and stress. A small application to the temples, back of the neck, wrists and even inhalation in the waiting area provides relaxation before and during the dental visit and is known to provide a calming effect during injections too! Adults and children can both benefit.

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Preventing Tooth Loss with Dental Diagnostics...the Periodontal Probe

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Wonder what we are looking for when probing your gums and why it is necessary?

 A dental probe is a tiny ruler, which measures in millimeters and is used to determine the health of the gums and bone that lies underneath.

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Detrimental Effects of Tobacco

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April was Oral Cancer Awareness Month, our hygienist Jamie reached out to 170 local 10th graders at Mayfield High School to discuss the detrimental effects of tobacco products. Tobacco was the first crop grown for money in North America and by 1944 it produced 300 billion dollars a year. Since it was making so much money, many people didn’t worry about the detrimental effects it causes until the Surgeon General began writing reports in 1964 linking nicotine and tar to many cancers.

Cigarettes contain over 7,000 chemicals with 69 of them known to cause cancer. Cigars contain higher levels of nicotine compared to cigarettes due to the chemical and bacterial changes that occur during the drying and aging process. Hookah is a growing trend especially for teenagers in America due to the many lounges opening in Northeast Ohio which offer many different flavors of tobacco to attract the younger ages. A huge misconception with Hookah is that the tobacco is “filtered” so many users believe that they are not absorbing any nicotine or cancer causing agents. This rumor is far from the truth, the water in the hookah does NOT filter the nicotine, and it only cools the smoke so the user can smoke for longer periods of time without burning their mouth. Smoking Hookah for 1 hour which is very common in lounges is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes! Smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative for cigarettes; it contains 28 cancer-causing agents and increases the risk for oral cancer by 50% compared to a cigarette smoker.

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Oral Health Concerns for Older Adults

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As people age, oral health needs can change as well. Here are some things to think about:

Decreased Sensitivity

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